Professor Teaches Web Design Fundamentals

Professor Teaches Web Design Fundamentals 6.0

A inexpensive and complete overview of Web Design Basics

Professor Teaches Web Design Fundamentals is an introduction to the world wide web basics and an overview of what you need to keep in mind, learn and do to create a basic web page. It covers all stages, from brainstorming to registering your domain and uploading content, however don't expect a detailed and in deep tutorial for each stage, since as the title says, are design fundamentals, you may require knowledge on other products or get others Professor Teaches courses (Dreamweaver, Photoshop, HTML Fundamentals and Advanced HTML).

As all Individual Software Professor Teaches installments, the content is delivered on a cd or via download and displayed using an interactive menu, practices, samples and lessons on a self-paced voice guided tutorial. The product can be yours for 20 dollars on the developer site or you can get special offers on retailers like wallmart or best buy stores.

The info provided on this product can be found on free web tutorials on the internet, it wont be the exact content and won´t have voice paced tutorial (unless is a youtube guide) therefore the customer might use it once or found it worthless however on a business or learning environment it could be really usefull.

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